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WhatsApp notifications for businesses: Everything you need to know

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WhatsApp notifications are one of the most useful tools for customer communications these days. We explain, what they are, how they work, the costs, and show you examples. 

WhatsApp notifications have gone from an unofficial broadcast feature to being banned to being re-introduced in several different ways. As of 2023, WhatsApp notifications have received a significant makeover that actually gives businesses more possibilities. 

In this guide, we explain how the new and reformed WhatsApp notifications work, what types of messages there are, how the messages are priced, and we'll show you examples of businesses that have been using the feature very successfully.

Why WhatsApp notifications are the next big thing

WhatsApp notifications (Meta officially calls them "conversations") are messages that are being exchanged between private users and businesses on the WhatsApp Business Platform. From WhatsApp broadcasts to customer service messages to automated chatbot replies, the feature is very versatile and offers businesses many opportunities for customer communication. 

Some use cases are:

  • special offers
  • marketing campaigns
  • personalized product recommendations
  • re-engagement
  • relevant news and updates
  • job alerts

Especially in countries like India, Singapore, or the UK, where WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, this is an incredible opportunity to reach and engage your customers. Of course, you could send your customers e-mails or call them, too, but the possibilities and the KPIs of WhatsApp notifications are a lot more impressive!

Click-through rates over 33% and 60% increase in sales

For example, did you know that the open rate for WhatsApp messages is around 95% (!!!), while the average open rate for e-mails is 21.5%? And, while with e-mail, you're normally looking at click-through-rates of three percent, messages on instant messaging apps achieve rates more than ten times as high!