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How recruitment agencies and HR departments use messenger apps to inspire applicants

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The struggle over finding new talents is real! Almost any industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers. So, how can you reach qualified people fast and efficiently, and convince them to join your company? Through messaging apps! In the following, we explain why recruiting is more effective on messenger apps, and how HR departments around the world are using messaging solutions to improve their recruitment process. 

Why you should adopt messenger apps in recruiting

If you wonder why you should include messaging apps into your HR process, the answer is fairly simple: that's where you can reach applicants! Because they're already using and engaging with companies on messaging channels, it only makes sense for businesses to reach out to new talents on the channels they already use. For Nils Gerstenkorn, Head of Education at the German manufacturing company Aurubis, messenger apps are the way to go in recruiting!

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Your target group communicates on the move

Depending on your target group and region, different messaging apps might be more interesting than others. India, for example, is the biggest WhatsApp market, and people use WhatsApp for everything: getting a government ID, catching an Uber ride, and reading news. In the US, iMessage and Facebook Messenger are very popular messaging channels, and in the UK, WhatsApp also dominates. If you're recruting talents in Central and Eastern Europe, Viber is the way to go, and in Spain, Telegram is an up and coming messenger app.

Regardless of the messaging app, you'll see similar numbers around messaging around the world:

  • open rates around 90%
  • 90% of people read a message on their smartphone within 15 minutes of receiving it
  • full attention: no competition through algorithm, real-time delivery, push notifications on the lock screen
  • faster and more successful recruiting by using the channels your target group loves
  • users are actually looking for personal conversations with businesses on messaging apps

Achieve cost benefit and reduce workload through automation

In addition, messaging apps are an ideal platform for integrating automated solutions like chatbots. Especially in the recruitment process, messenger apps and chatbots can help you save valuable resources. For example, if you use a chatbot to pre-qualify applicants and their inquiries, you relieve your team of additional work. You can use the resources this frees up for personal applicant consulting and interviewing.

Use speed and multimedia for an optimized application process

With notifications on messenger apps, you can reach applicants in almost real time. Studies show that over 90% of all messages are read within the first 15 minutes of receiving them. That's why you'll be so much more effective in reaching the right applicants faster on messenger apps than, for instance, via e-mail. In addition, messenger apps also allow you to integrate multimedia options, so it's very easy to send voice messages, images, attach a CV file, or send videos. This allows you to easily explain comple