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Real estate: How to market, sell, and scale your business with messaging apps

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Being successful in real estate comes down to customization: meeting the right customer, at the right moment with the perfect offer. And clients expect this type personalized service! Messaging apps are perfect for that! They can actually make the difference between accepting an offer or not. Read in this guide, how messaging apps can help you market and scale your real estate business.

If one industry has been in flux in the past years, it's been the real estate market! People went from working in the office to working from home. Demand for houses and apartments went up. And with more flexible jobs, people also started moving to different areas.

Currently, the housing market from the US to the UK to India is booming. The demand for (affordable) housing is as high as never before. In India, for example, the wish for upgrading the lifestyle, low interest rates, and affordable prices are driving the real estate market right now.

How can businesses and agents keep up with that while still offering the personalized, customized service customers expect? By interacting with clients on the most personal and interactive channel there is: messaging apps! 

The advantage of messaging apps in real estate

Meet your customers where they are

What's the best way to reach your customers in 2023? Calling them on their phone, sending an e-mail, or hoping they'll find you on social media? Actually, neither!

Admittedly, all of these approaches can work. However, on the phone, you better hope they pick up (especially when calling from an unknown number). With e-mails, there's always the risk of ending up in their spam folder or your mail just getting lost in the full inbox. And social media can be close to the customer, but only if your posts and ads are not obscured by algorithms. And aside from having a hard time reaching customers, people are also shifting the way they communicate. 

Social media now happens mostly in private groups. The younger generation doesn't even like to talk on the phone. And everyone is growing tired of e-mails. Messaging apps, on the other hand, are on the rise.

Currently, two billion people in the world use WhatsApp, and over 175 million people use WhatsApp to talk to businesses. The Facebook Messenger is used by almost one billion people, and even Telegram has a base of 700 million users worldwide. In some countries like India, Brazil, the UK, and Singapore, pretty much anybody that has a smartphone also has WhatsApp. 

In other words: if you want to stay close to your customers these days, messaging apps are the way to go! 

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