Unlock the power of Conversational Commerce

Reach new customers

Billions of people worldwide use messaging apps in their daily lives. Get ahead of your competitors and attract new customers with a convenient shopping experience. 

Increase sales

Create target groups based on chats and CRM data to be more personal. Increase average order value with smooth automated processes and customer-centric service before, during, and after the sale.

Customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of business success. Ensure a smooth customer journey, build relationships, and benefit long-term from returning buyers and significantly reduced churn.


Sinch Engage

Your platform to drive your commerce seamlessly

Introducing Sinch Engage: an all-in-one platform to enables businesses of all sizes to unlock the power of conversational commerce with messaging apps. Simply streamline your buyer's journey with ease. 

Sinch Engage meets the Data protection & IT security standards and is completely ISO 27001 certified and GDPR-compliant.

  • Engage your users instantly with Campaigns as personalized and targeted notifications, news, and promos are delivered directly to their lock screens.

  • Effortlessly manage all incoming chats in a centralized inbox with Conversations

  • Craft seamless dialog flows with smooth hand over to your agents with an intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot builder. Personalize every interaction with ease.

Conversational commerce with Sinch Engage


From marketing to sales and customer support, we've got you covered at every stage of the customer journey. Manage WhatsApp and other key channels seamlessly from one convenient interface. Scale your marketing messages effortlessly and automate communication with chatbots.

Provide a seamless customer journey

Integrate your shop system, product catalogs and CRM to have all data in real-time and offer your customers the best shopping experience across multiple channels. 

All in one Inbox
Multiple people reading messages on their phones

Reach new customers with a few clicks

Create and broadcast your marketing messages in a snap, straight to your audience's lock screen — or use the GPT integration seamless AI support.

Build target groups based on chats and CRM data, use variables for personalization, and add multimedia to send engaging content that drives sales and fills your lead pipeline — whether scheduled or in real time.

Lead your audience through a messaging customer journey, wherever you meet

On the ground

We offer you a dedicated QR code generator — which leads your customers from the storefront window, brochure, flyer, or billboard directly to the chat.


Create and manage GDPR-compliant widgets with our widget editor. Use them as chat entry points on your website, and turn visitors into customers.

All over the web

With our click-to-chat functionality, you'll lead users from Instagram, Google / META ads, landing pages, and blog articles directly into conversations.

Consultation - Conversational Commerce

Help your customers with the decision to buy

Offer fast and personal support for your products and services — naturally, this type of customer service almost always leads to a sale. Automate FAQs, but also advanced conversation flows to be 24/7 avaible for your customers. 

Make shopping convenient

Offer your customers to buy and fill their shopping cart directly in the chat. Now, you can offer the entire customer journey with pre-built payment links or the payment features of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Messages for Business. 

Add automations to lead customers who have abandoned the cart to completion with push notifications, or to engage them at a later time, and encourage them to buy again.

Increase satisfaction with post-purchase service

A positive delivery experience is an important part of the customer journey, helping your customers build trust and loyalty to become returning buyers.

By sending automated messages regarding the shipping progress of an order or the reservation/service status, you can keep your customers informed and connected.

Reduce returns, save costs

Returns are a high cost factor for companies. Using messaging and the possibilities of easy usage of multimedia content complaints are resolved quickly, unnecessary returns can be avoided and satisfaction increased. 

Good customer service increases customer loyalty and increases the likelihood of five-star ratings and recommendations — don't miss out.

Post purchase

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