Marketing via WhatsApp

Join Sandeep Bedi (Sinch Engage -Sales Director, India) in this webinar as he shares insights on how to effectively leverage WhatsApp for your business. Unlock the best practices to create engaging campaigns and expand your customer base. 

  • What are the best practices to a successful newsletter campaign
  • How to use WhatsApp as a channel for the whole customer journey
  • How to promote your WhatsApp channel
  • How our customers implement Sinch Engage for their marketing needs
Indian business man using WhatsApp
MessengerPeople Playbook India
Successful business via WhatsApp and other messaging apps

Your guide to WhatsApp Business in India

  • Benefits of WhatsApp for your company and your customers
  • Specific application possibilities of messengers in your industry
  • Practical & proven tips for your success with WhatsApp
  • Everything you need to know about KPIs in messenger communication