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How healthcare provider Salud Digna grew interactions by 712% with a WhatsApp chatbot

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Salud Digna is a Mexican institution that provides affordable healthcare services. Learn how the non-profit uses a chatbot on WhatsApp to offer quick and secure information about appointments, tests, and results to millions of patients.

During the pandemic, companies in the healthcare sector were in high demand. The unexpected rise in demand was a challenge for the sector. How to answer thousands of questions? How to process an unprecedented number of lab tests? How to schedule and confirm so many appointments? 

Salud Digna faced these exact same challenges. Their solution? Automate their patient support on WhatsApp. 

Using the WhatsApp Business Platform, Salud Digna and Sinch collaborated to automate the majority of its incoming patient inquiries.  As a result, Salud Digna's chatbot on WhatsApp delivers fast and secure information about Covid tests and results, while assisting with multiple scheduling.

This is the perfect example of how digitalization can help health care providers to offer faster services and give more attention to their patients. This is how they made it work!

Salud Digna: Real-time patient support through a WhatsApp chatbot

With the beginning of the pandemic, Salud Digna faced a record number of requests for laboratory tests and appointments. However, due to the restrictions, the company had fewer branches open and limited staff support.

To solve this challenge, Salud Digna opened a official channel on WhatsApp. The main goal was to provide patients with fast and secure access to Covid tests and customer care in general. The patients loved the convenient communication channel, and requests started coming in very fast. 

The only question was how to respond to the thousands of requests that Salud Digna was receiving. The agents simply couldn't handle all the questions.

To increase the efficiency of its WhatsApp channel, Salud Digna integrated a chatbot into the app. For that, the company started using the WhatsApp Business Platform, the only WhatsApp account that supports automation tools. Salud Digna's chatbot was developed in partnership with Sinch Chatlayer, a solution that has the latest in conversational AI technology.

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The results of Salud Digna's WhatsApp support channel 

Salud Digna's bot is able to handle the vast majority of inquiries. It not only assist patients with lab testing, but also addresses common questions and assists with appointments. The first-level-chatbot has been a great help for the health care provider, says Pedro Josue Vidal Moreno from the Digital Laboratory at Salud Digna.