Customer service via messaging apps — benefits for you and your customers

Boost customer satisfaction

Every customer is unique. Skill-based routing ensures that each customer is connected to the best-suited agent, helping improve user experience. Communication at eye level where your customers already chat with friends to help drive improved CSAT.

Boost customer retention

Loyal customers are the backbone of your success and attracting new customers is more expensive than keeping existing ones. With messaging apps you achieve the highest NPS compared to all other channels.

Cut service costs

Bring automation to the next level! Chatbots can help deflect up to 80% of routine queries, saving money and freeing agents to work on higher values tasks or more complex requests.

No matter which messaging app your customers prefer, we got you covered

Sinch Engage

The platform that focuses on UX and the success of your team

Sinch Engage enables businesses of all sizes to unlock the potential of messaging apps in a simple and professional way for the best customer experience.

Get started in under an hour and be wowed by a state-of-the-art interface and functionalities. 

  • Data protection and IT security meet the highest standards. We are ISO 27001 certified and of course GDPR-compliant!

  • The Sinch Enterprise Conversational AI Platform is recognized in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

Conversations in Sinch Engage

All-in-one inbox

Stay organized and be more responsive with a centralized interface that lets you manage the most relevant channels from WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Apple Messages for Business to Webchat in one inbox. No more toggling between apps.

Sinch Engage with one inbox for all messaging apps
People collaborating

Real-time collaboration made easy!

Enable your team to work together from multiple devices, regardless of location or language with Sinch Engage's cloud based platform.

More focus, less distraction

With best in class multi-agent and roles management all your conversations will be assigned directly or manually to the appropriate contacts by defined roles, working times or responsibilities.

Increase team efficiency

Smart supporting automations, reply templates, and AI-powered text response enhancements allow your team to focus on best customer experience.

Help your customers 24/7

Automate responses to frequently asked questions or pre-qualify new contacts with a chatbot to spend more time on complex tasks. The integrated human handover supports you to offer service without chat dead ends.

A chatbot for automation
Customer details and conversation history

Know your customers

Get to know your customers and use the collected chat insights to grow personalized relationships. Get always access to the entire chat history and summarize it in just one click with the help of AI.

Analyze and optimize

Never lose sight of your team and your service performance. With our in-depth analytics, it's easy to track and improve your KPIs continuously.

Integrate to accelerate

All important CRM and third-party integrations can be added to keep your workflow smooth and to provide a seamless experience for your customers along the entire user journey.

Integrations and connections for Sinch Engage
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700+ brands deliver successful customer service with Sinch Engage

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