Drive performance and build deeper relationships

Reach new customers

Billions of people worldwide use messaging apps in their daily lives. So why not use this channel in the marketing mix to reach new customer segments? We'll show you how!

Increase sales

Create target groups based on chats and CRM data. Personalize your messages to cut through the noise and increase average order value through smooth automated campaign flows.

Boost loyalty

Start building strong customer relationships. Personalized marketing messages are expected by over 70% of consumers and are also a powerful asset to significantly reduce churn as well as improve ROI.

No matter which messaging app your target group uses, we got you covered

Sinch Engage

Your platform for personalized and targeted marketing to scale

We developed Sinch Engage to enable businesses of all sizes to unlock the potential of messaging apps in a simple and professional way for effective and conversion driven marketing.

Data protection and IT security meet the highest standards. We're ISO 27001 certified and of course GDPR-compliant.

  • With Campaigns you send personalized and targeted notifications, news and promos directly to the lock screen of your users.

  • With Conversations you manage all incoming chats in one single inbox. 

  • With our intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot builder you create dialog flows with smooth handover to your agents. 

Use Sinch Engage for conversational marketing

Everything at a glance

One central interface to manage campaign creation and broadcasting via WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Apple Messages for Business.

Less effort, more conversions.

Craft compelling marketing messages effortlessly using an intuitive interface or leverage AI integration for GPT-powered assistance 

Personalize with variables, add multimedia content such as images, videos, files & related links, to send engaging messages that drive sales and fill your pipeline, scheduled or real-time.

Everything at a glance
Multiple people reading messages on their phones

Personalization and targeting for more conversions

Build meaningful relationships! Utilize the power of personalization to send custom messages based on collected information, building strong relationships.

With Audience Builder, easily create targeted audiences based on chat insights and CRM data to increase conversions. 

Get the most out of your contacts

Open the door to seamless communication and drive in-chat conversions with contact buttons to your products. Offer consulting services, immediate assistance, upsell & cross-sell to boost order values.

Easily reactivate abandoned or former customers. Once you have them in your system, you'll benefit from lower acquisition costs (CAC) and higher customer lifetime value (CLV) compared to any other channel.

Provide a seamless customer journey

Easily automate your campaigns with an intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot builder and lead your customers with smoother conversation flows to optimize the customer journey. 

Integrate your shop system, product catalogs, and CRM to send automated messages 24/7. Keep customers informed about order confirmation, delivery status, cart reminders, and restock notifications.

Integrations and connections for Sinch Engage
Analytics and KPIs

Analyze and optimize

Data-driven campaign optimization for the win! Keep an eye on your campaign KPIs with  in-depth analytics and continuously optimize performance.  

Boost loyalty and measure satisfaction

Extend customer journey beyond the sale with automated follow-up messages to strengthen relationships and boost customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Gather valuable feedback by sending surveys to review the customer experience. Request product and service reviews to gather insights for ongoing optimizations.


Orion Mall

More than 3.5k conversations per month

Find out how the mall achieves to increase the number of visitors and the revenue of the stores and services by shifting their digital customer communication to WhatsApp.

Selling more with WhatsApp in e-commerce

Discover how medium-sized online paint retailer MissPompadour successfully brought their retail business online with their WhatsApp service and achieving 90% in-chat conversion.
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High open and click-through-rate with marketing messages

Find out how stylink is succeeding internationally and growing their customer base with the help of iMessage newsletters.

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