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How stylink reaches a 90% open rate with their iMessage newsletter

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What do customer service and messaging apps have in common? They're vital for providing a personalized customer experience! In order to be successful with messaging, however, it's essential to pick the right channel for your communication. For stylink, an affiliate platform for influencers, this turned out to be Apple Messages for Business. Kara Dilling, business development manager at stylink explains why she thinks iMessage newsletters are the perfect channel for them to engage customers. 

What do you hope to get out of messenger communication with your customers? How do a 90% open rate and doubling the number of users in a few months sound to you? That's exactly what happened to the influencer affiliate platform stylink — by using iMessage! When the German company expanded to the US and Australia, they soon realized that they also needed to grow their messaging services.

While WhatsApp is the number one messaging app in a lot of European and Asian countries, other messenger apps might be more used in other markets. Stylink soon realized that they were able to reach a lot more customers in the US and Australia with Apple Messages for Business. Kara Dilling, stylink's business development manager, explains how Apple Messages for Business works, how iMessage newsletters have helped them reach their clients more directly, and why choosing the right messaging app for your market is key.

Stylink is a European affiliate platform for influencers. Basically, they work with influencers and shops, and help influencers to create affiliate links from any of their partners. stylink forwards affiliate links from their partner shops to the influencers, who can then post them on their social media profiles. When followers click on the links and buy something, the influencers get a commission. This helps the shops as well, as they're able to generate more sales through stylink's large influencer network.

As stylink works with influencers from various industries, from beauty to fashion to finance, they've found that the best and fastest way to provide the influencers with an affiliate link is through messaging apps.

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From WhatsApp notifications to iMessage newsletters

Stylink started out in 2018 using the WhatsApp for Business App via an old iPhone. That phone still exists, by the way! However, throughout the years the company grew, and they started to get more and more requests for their customer support. That's when they switched from the WhatsApp Business App to the WhatsApp Business Platform and started using Sinch Engage the professional messaging platform from MessengerPeople by Sinch.