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How Women’s Best optimizes its customer service with WhatsApp

Womens Best
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Women’s Best is one of the world’s most successful online sports brands, receiving thousands of purchase orders a day. By switching to the WhatsApp Business solution for customer service, they were able to reduce their handling time per customer inquiry by 50%, and increase customer satisfaction. We talked to David Kurzmann, CEO and co-founder of Women’s Best about the recipe for their messaging success.

Women's Best focuses on sports clothing and supplements for women. The global brand reaches 1.3 billion people a year, in 150 countries, in several languages, and receives hundreds of incoming messages every day.

Processing them as soon as possible and offering good quality service at the same time is therefore no easy task. The challenge is not only to respond to the customer's initial inquiry with a fast and high-quality answer, but also to provide helpful, relevant information and engage in active dialogue with the customer.

How do they manage that? We sat down with David Kurzmann, Women's Best CEO and co-founder to find out how WhatsApp Business has helped them reduce the workload for employees and make customers happier.

Why WhatsApp Business Platform was the best solution for Women's Best

As a global brand with many digital communication channels, the Austrian company Women's Best was growing fast and needed a new way to process their customer inquiries. Web chat and e-mail didn't meet the customers' expectations, so the company knew they wanted to switch to a more modern communication channel that their customers loved: WhatsApp.

In order to offer quick and direct support, relieve their agents, and meet their high standard, Women's Best implemented the WhatsApp Business Platform into their customer service. Together with MessengerPeople by Sinch, they set up Sinch Engage, an all-in-one messaging solution, says David Kurzmann.

Quote by David Kurzmann from Women's Best about Sinch Engage

The Women's Best support team and marketing team worked together with MessengerPeople by Sinch to implement the messaging app as a communication channel within four weeks. "We particularly value our collaboration with MessengerPeople by Sinch because of their quick and flexible product development cycle", says David Kurzmann.

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How Women's Best uses WhatsApp for their customer service

Women’s Best uses Sinch Engage for two main use cases: customer service and notifications.

As Sinch Engage streamlines all your messaging channels into one central interface, Women's Best is now able to handle all of their messenger chats on one platform, including WhatsApp.

Sinch Engage Conversations

The centralized system allows the service team to:

  • Answer all incoming customer inquiries personally.
  • Offer customized pre-sales and post-sales.
  • Support the customers during their purchase.

The WhatsApp service is available in multiple languages, and on the "contact us" page on Women's Best website. As the majority of customers came to Women's Best website on mobile devices, it made sense for the company to include the messaging app into their support channel mix.

Womens Best customer service chat whatsapp

In addition, customers can also choose to receive automated notifications, such as order confirmations or shipping information directly on WhatsApp.

The results: Women's Best increases customer satisfaction

For Women's Best, introducing a professional messaging solution to their customer care was successful on multiple levels.

First, they were able to speed up their customer service. With the messaging solution, they achieved a 50% faster processing time for each customer inquiriy. A single agent is now able to resolve 40 WhatsApp conversations in an hour.

At the same time, Women's Best managed to reduce the number of e-mails by 70%, says David Kurzmann.

Quote from David Kurzmann from Women´s Best about less e-mail & dropped inquiries

And: customers are happier, too! Customers especially appreciate the faster response times and how simple it has become to contact the company via messaging apps. This, understandably, has a positive effect on purchasing behavior. Women's Best is already seeing direct sales results from their customer-centric service approach.

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Kai Viertel, Head of Demand Generation, Sinch
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