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Shopping on Instagram: Customers can now pay directly in the chat

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Shopping on Instagram just got more interesting! Business will now be able to receive payments from Instagram customers directly in the Instagram Direct chat. Meta just announced the feature. We explain how that works, what shops qualify, and what advantages and disadvantages there are. 

Big news for businesses on Instagram: starting now, you can receive payments directly in the chat. As Meta announced, certain qualified small business will be able to chat with their customers, receive purchase orders, send tracking information, and receive payment—all without ever having to leave the Instagram Direct chat.

In the following, we explain everything you need to know about the new feature.

Shopping on Instagram: How does the in-chat payment work?

Starting now, certain small qualified businesses will be able to receive in-chat payment on Instagram. Meta describes the process as a one-stop-shop for talking with customers, taking down an order, receiving payment and sending them tracking information—all within the Instagram Direct chat.

For example, if a customer is interested in a product, a business can first send them more information about it. In the next step, the customer can order the product directly in the chat, and now also pay.

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From chat to shop on Instagram Direct. (Source: Meta)

The payment will be funneled through Meta Pay (recently re-branded from Facebook Pay), and, according to Meta, will only take “a few taps”. After a purchase is completed, customers will be able to use the same chat for follow-up questions or to check on their order status.