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Meta Conversations Conference: 6 important takeaways

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"The best businesses meet their customers where they are" - and that's on messaging apps. These were the words that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg used to kick off Meta's very first messaging conference, "Conversations". It showed: Meta is heavily investing in new messaging tools for businesses, including opening up the WhatsApp Cloud API. What does this mean? What can you expect? Where is the future of messaging headed? We sum up the most important takeaways.

The past two years have changed pretty much anything about our lives. The way we work, the way we do business, and mostly, the way we communicate. During the pandemic, messaging apps like WhatsApp, the Messenger on Facebook or Instagram Direct became our dependable ways to stay in touch with colleagues, friends, and family—even when we couldn't see them in person.

And: it's also changed how people want to communicate with businesses. Meta has seen this shift on all of its messaging channels. Recognizing the importance of conversational interactions between businesses and customers, Meta launched its very first conference focused on messaging: Conversations.

It not only focused on the future of messaging, but also showed Meta's ambitious plans to take their messaging channels, and turn them into conversational channels for businesses, including opening up their WhatsApp Cloud API. What does this mean? What new tools will Meta launch? And how does this affect your business? These are six biggest takeaways from Conversations.

1. Your customers are sending you messages, answer them!

People love messaging! After all, conversations are the most natural way for humans to interact. Every day, people around the world send 140 billion messages to friends, co-workers, and family. It's only natural that customers want to talk to businesses the exact same way.

Seven out of ten customers say that they feel more connected to a business if they can message it. In fact, more than one billion users reach out to businesses on messaging apps every week.