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7 hacks for successful content marketing on WhatsApp

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Messenger communication is more popular than ever. Messaging apps like WhatsApp are now the leading channels for content marketing, with KPIs that leave e-mail marketing and traditional ad formats in the dust. But how exactly can you use messaging apps for great content marketing? We show you seven hacks for successful content marketing on WhatsApp!

"Content is king" has almost become a platitude for digital marketing, but it's still true! Consumers are tired of receiving the typical calls to action such as, "Buy this!", or "Get that deal!", but are looking for more engaging ways to directly interact with brands. 

Depending on the marketing channel you use, this might look different. E-mail marketing has its own rules, so does social media marketing, and messenger apps work yet again differently. 

Content marketing on WhatsApp: Questions you need to answer first. 

Establishing the right content strategy for your WhatsApp communication is crucial to your success. Businesses should ask themselves the following questions while deciding on a concept:

  1. Who am I creating my WhatsApp content for, and what do I want to achieve?
  2. How can I create value for the customer? What content can be communicated exclusively on instant messaging apps, making it even more relevant for my target groups?
  3. What kind of content is particularly suited for WhatsApp? What information needs to be received immediately and directly, what kind of content is viral or shareable, and what is best suited for messaging app usage?

Based on an internal analysis of our customers' data, we have put together seven hacks to improve your content marketing on WhatsApp. 

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