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How to use chatbots in customer service successfully

Customer Service Chatbots
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Offering good customer service pays off. It’s the best guarantee that your customers will come back and purchase your products or services in the future. And chatbots can be a big part of that. They can not only improve your customer service, but also save resources and make customers happier. Find out how to use chatbots in your customer service successfully. 

Why customer service is essential for every company

Offering good and efficient customer service is essential for every company. No matter how great your products or service are, customers will always have questions or run into an issue. That happens to every business. However, how you handle these questions and complaints is what'll make you stand out from your competitors.

Customers that have had a good experience with a company’s customer service, are more likely to return in the future, and recommend your company. According to Smart Karrot, 89% of customers will switch brands after a bad customer experience!

On the other hand, if customers had a bad experience, chances are that they'll leave bad reviews online or negative comments on social media about your business.

Investing in customer service also makes sense from a larger business perspective, as it's up to eight times more expensive to gain a new customer than retaining an existing one.

In other words: high-quality customer service will improve your brand’s image, reduce costs, and increase sales. For most companies, none of this is new. However, what many are not aware of, is how much chatbots can help you improve our customer service.

What chatbots can do for your customer service

Advantages for companies

While it's, of course, important to help your customers, processing numerous customer inquiries can become an overwhelming resource problem for companies. In addition, your service team ends up answering the same questions over and over again. This is tedious, tiring, and time-consuming, and ultimately frustrating for customers and your team.

When asked for their biggest problems, in handling clients queries, customer agents name mostly organizational challenges, such as finding the right answer in the system or switching between apps.

Biggest Challenges for customer service
The biggest challenges for customer service agents. (Source: learn.g2.com)

These are exactly the kind of tasks, at which chatbots exceed. Chatbots are extremely efficient at an