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More engagement? How to grow your audience on WhatsApp and other messenger apps!

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You've set up your business channel on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Messages for Business. Congratulations! But how do you actually get people to contact you on these channels? We'll show you how you can grow your audience on messenger apps in no time!

Marketing, sales, and service on messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram Direct offer many advantages for companies and customers. While your customers are happy about a quick, easy and personal way to talk to your company, you're more successful as a company because you reduce your workload, improve the service quality, and have happier customers! 

However, this only works if your customers actively use your instant messaging channels. That's why it's important to lead as many of your (potential) customers as possible into your messenger channels.

Growing your audience on messenger apps: The challenge 

But they also have to find it! From the user's point of view, that's not as easy. For example, the world's most popular messenger app, WhatsApp, does not (yet) offer companies any way to place ads or promotions directly in the app. The same also applies to Telegram and Apple Messages for Business (iMessage). And even in messenger services such as Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct, it's only possible to lead users to the channels with a small detour of using an external ad.

This means that,