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AI chatbot examples: These 9 companies get it right!

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Get ready to be inspired by examples of AI chatbots! 87% higher conversion rate, 70% service cost reduction, 91% satisfaction rate: conversational AI chatbots can have a huge impact on your business. But how can you implement them in your company, and what will they be able to do for you? In the following, we look at companies that are using AI chatbots successfully.

Successful companies work smarter, not harder. This includes recognizing how smart tools can help you save time, money, increase your revenue, and, at the same time, make customers and employees happier.  

Sounds like pretty high expectations? Sure! But what if we were to tell you that a single technology can meet all these goals? Chatbots!  

That’s right! Conversational AI chatbots drive success. They increase conversions, save time, and increase customer satisfaction. The following examples of AI chatbots show how companies are implementing conversational bots successfully, and how the technology has helped them grow their business. Dive in and get inspired!  

What is a conversational AI chatbot?

Simply put, a conversational AI chatbot is a bot that uses artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, machine learning, and conversational design to engage in more natural and complex conversations with humans.  

Unlike basic button bots, conversational AI chatbots are smart virtual assistants that enable automated conversations and can engage in very human-like conversations via text or voice.  

For instance, conversational AI bots can:  

  • take food orders in a restaurant
  • answer frequently asked questions 24/7 
  • take over onboarding processes for clients
  • guide customers through an online payment process
  • find out what customers want, before guiding them to the right department
  • talk to customers on virtually any channel, from your website to WhatsApp to SMS
  • speak hundreds of languages out of the box 

And these are just a few examples!

While conversational AI bots cannot replace humans, they can help human agents by taking over tedious and repetitive tasks, organizing information, and helping customers instantly.  

How does this look in practice? And what are the concrete benefits companies get from implementing bots? Let’s learn directly from companies that are already using conversational AI chatbots successfully

Bizbike: Making customers happy

Bizbike is Belgium’s biggest e-bike provider. As a hugely popular e-bike company, they were faced with a high number of daily queries from customers who wanted to use their service. The problem: Bizbike’s customer service team ended up answering the same basic questions over and over again and didn’t have time to deal with more complex customer issues.  

So, Bizbike was looking for a way to help their service team, while at the same time answering customer questions quickly and satisfactorily. That’s when Bizbike decided to implement Chatlayer’s conversational AI chatbot.  

bizbike ai chatbot example
bizbike AI chatbot

Chatlayer’s bots work with easy-to-use templates that are ready to go within minutes. At the same time, businesses can adapt these templates to fit their individual needs. 

For Bizbike, the solution was highly successful. Bizbike was able to save more than 40 hours per months through effective automation, and at the same time have engaging conversations with their customers. Bizbike was able to increase their NPS score from 54 to 56, which means that 62 percent of their customers are actively promoting conversational chatbot solutions and the Bizbike service!