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These are the 10 best Telegram bots right now

Telegram Bots
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Telegram has been the messaging app on the rise in 2022. It carries a lot of useful features that are quite company-friendly. An increasingly popular one is the bot function. As there are a lot of different Telegram bots available now, we'll explain what they do and how to use them, and examine some of the best bots for Telegram. 

Telegram is the fastest growing messaging app in the world. 700 million people worldwide are using it, and the numbers keep going up every year. For companies and organizations, Telegram is an advantageous communication channel with many useful features.

For instance, users can search for accounts via search bar in the “Discovery" area. This makes it easier to find business accounts. Furthermore, there are no costs involved in sending out a newsletter or notification. However, there is another big reason to use the messaging service for your business: Telegram bots.

They are already established in common private use, and there are quite a few of them. Businesses are already catching on though, and more corporate accounts are starting to use bots in their own channels or groups... and they're really great! This is why we have put together a list (in no particular order) of the top ten Telegram bots.

What's a Telegram bot?

A Telegram bot is a program that offers functions and automations that Telegram users can integrate in their chats, channels, or groups. They can be set up either by using Telegram's own bot builder, the Botfather, or the Telegram bot API. The latter offers more possibilities for developers.

Classic use cases for Telegram bots are:

  • Automated newsletters
  • Pushing content from social media or blogs to Telegram
  • Real-time information system
  • Pre-qualification / first-level support for customer service
  • FAQs
  • Virtual Storefront
  • File management
  • Translations

Let's jump right into it! These are our top ten Telegram bots.

The ten best Telegram bots right now

1. Skeddy (@SkeddyBot): conversational reminder tool

The Skeddy bot is a reminder tool that you can talk to. It's pretty straight forward. Add your notes for the reminder you want to set inside the Telegram chat, enter a time and date, and lean back. Skeddy then automatically sets your alarm, and you will receive a Telegram chat notification when the time has come.

2. Botfather (@botfather): a bot to create bots

The Botfather is an official bot provided by Telegram. Users can create Telegram bots with it according to their own specific needs. This makes the Botfather the one starting point for most of the bots on the platform.

Telegram Botfather

3. IFTTT (@IFTTT): link your group to 360 external services

IFTTT or IfThisThenThat is a platform that focuses on connecting different web services and create automations for users. Their Telegram bot can link your group or channel to 360 external services like Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Moreover, the bot allows you to set actions that are triggered by conditions. An example may be, to automatically post twitter updates of certain accounts in the Telegram group or post messages to Telegram, whenever you are mentioned on Twitter.

4. File Converter (@newfileconverterbot): convert almost everything

With the File Converter bot, you have a real Swiss army knife at hand. It can convert pretty much any file format into another. Just send a file from your device into the chat, and the file converter will recognize the format and give you conversion options via in-chat buttons. After choosing the correct format, the file is converted, and you can download it.