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Sinch Engage introduces GPT integrations for business messaging

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Sinch Engage introduces new GPT integrations that help businesses combine messaging apps with GPT technology. This is how it works. 

GPT is more than just a hype. OpenAI's technology has shown the world how easy, engaging, and helpful AI can really be. And while many businesses have already been using AI and chatbots for years, now customers are finally ready to fully embrace the technology. It probably won't take long until businesses that don't offer AI integrations will be left behind because customers will expect a smooth and engaging AI experience.

And that's why we've started creating several GPT integrations for our all-in-one messaging platform Sinch Engage that help you explore different GPT integrations for business messaging. 

GPT for marketing notifications on messaging apps

Push notifications on messaging apps are the best way to reach your customers! Your messages end up directly on the lock screen, get your customers' full attention, and achieve the best conversion rates out of all channels. 

That's why we want to make it even easier for you to reach your customers on WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and other messenger apps. In order to help you create engaging marketing campaigns even faster, we launched a GPT integration for free-form marketing messages. 

Simply put in a few keywords around a campaign you want to send out, and let GPT do the rest. 

Watch Maximize your WhatsApp Business Marketing Campaigns: "How to Use Sinch Engage & ChatGPT" on YouTube.

Of course, you can always adjust the messages manually afterward, but this GPT integration for your business messaging will save you a lot of time, and it'll help you get your marketing campaigns out faster, with less effort! 

GPT integrations for customer service

GPT's advanced text capabilities can also be a great help in customer service. Sinch Engage currently offers two GPT integrations for business messaging and customer service. 

Friendlier customer communication with one click

Your agents talk to dozens of customers every single day. Of course, they're perfectly capable of keeping the chats engaging and friendly, but coming up with friendly messages also takes some time. GPT can help! 

Use our GPT integration for your customer-agent conversations to come up with friendly replies in just a few seconds! Your agents can simply type a short sentence, run it through our GPT "friendlifier", and receive suggestions for enhanced replies almost immediately.