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Insurance companies and messaging apps: Advantages, examples, and best practices

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Conversational messaging, such as messenger apps and chatbots have many benefits for insurance companies. We explain advantages, best practices, and show examples of successful companies.

From security concerns to worries about additional work: insurance companies might have good reasons to be hesitant about integrating yet another customer communication channel to their business. However, with a professional platform, insurance companies now have an easy and affordable way to integrate messenger apps and chatbots, while ensuring safe communication and convenient communication. 

Six major advantages of messenger apps and chatbots for insurance companies

From Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp: being available on popular social media apps has several advantages for insurance companies. 

1. Get more leads

Insurance is a business of trust. Nowadays, customers Actually, social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are becoming the go-to-sites for customers to find more information about a business. Setting up a direct conversation channel here, therefore is a huge advantage. 

If an interested user checks out your social media profile, and has a question, they can just send you a message right away, without having to switch to another website or e-mail program. That's very convenient, and will increase conversions.

You can even combine targeted click-to-chat ads on Facebook and Instagram with messaging apps. If a user clicks on one of these ads, they end up directly in a WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Instagram Direct chat. That's easy, convenient, and will drive your conversions!

2. Improve the customer experience

Messaging apps are fast, convenient and available 24/7. Insurance companies can use these apps to provide a better customer experience by offering quick responses to customer inquiries, claims, and policy updates.

Especially if you combine a business presence on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and other messenger apps with a chatbot, you can ensure that your customers get help around the clock, and that no inquiry from a prospect or customer gets lost anymore. 

3. Increased Engagement

Messaging apps have become an essential part of daily communication, and users are more likely to engage with a brand through a messaging app. Insurance companies can use this channel to engage with customers, build relationships and offer personalized recommendations.

4. Reduce cost

Messaging apps are cost-effective compared to traditional customer service channels, such as phone or e-mail. By using messaging apps, insurance companies can reduce the cost of customer service while improving the customer experience.

5. Secure communication

As an insurance company, you obviously handle sensitive customer information and need to guarantee that this data is handled with care and the highest security standards. Messaging apps like WhatsApp provide very secure end-to-end encryption technologies, and, if you use a professional messaging solution, you can even guarantee 100% data privacy!

6. Stay ahead of the competition

While there might not be many insurance companies out there, yet, that are offering customer communication on messaging apps, billions of users worldwide already use WhatsApp and other chat-based apps to talk to businesses. In other words, your customers are ready to talk to you on messaging apps! 

The insurance companies that meet their customers on their favorite channel will therefore stay ahead of the competition. 

In fact, there are already many early-adopters that have understood how insurance companies can benefit from messaging apps and chatbots. 

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These insurance companies use messaging apps and chatbots successfully

The following examples show how messenger apps and chatbots can build trust and loyalty with customers, and reduce the workload for employees at the same time. 

WWK group increases engagement with WhatsApp

The German insurance group WWK focuses on provisions and precautionary insurance, coverage, and investments. In order to improve the communication with potential customers, brokers, and employees, WWK has developed a WhatsApp chatbot. 

This naturally raises efficiency, but also serves as an engaging, modern tool which shows that WWK is focused on providing convenient care. The chatbot first asks whether you’re interested in becoming a customer, or if you are a current stockbroker or employee. In the latter two cases, you enter a password to access important information.

WWK insurance WhatsApp chatbot EN

Potential customers can receive an opening menu of general information, each with a number that the user send to select that information. Users can be directed to a personal contact, sign up for an informational webinar, learn more about the WWK contracts, watch a quick introduction video, learn about the company’s history, and much more.

Insurance brokers and employees can use the information in the app to be kept up to date and even enable automated notifications to ensure that they receive all company news.

Pinney Insurance uses Facebook Messenger to be available 24/7

The California-based insurance company Pinney Insurance uses Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel. They combine the Messenger with automation, so they can make sure, everybody who starts a conversation with them, gets an immediate response. 

As soon as a user enters the Facebook Messenger chat, they receive an automated reply. So even if the customer has to wait for an agent to be available, they still get immediate feedback, which clearly improves the user experience. In addition, the insurance broker can thus assure that they never loose a potential new customer, as they can follow up on every chat.

Pinney Insurance Facebook Messenger chatbot
Users get an immediate response, and no lead is lost. (Source: Pinney Insurance / Facebook)

Foyer: Managing high-volume HR requests 

Foyer is the leading insurance company in Luxembourg. As one of the most popular insurance employers in the region, their HR department receives a high number of questions — a lot of which their agents have to answer again and again. 

That's why Foyer decided to use a conversational solution in their HR department. Together with Sinch Chatlayer, they developed a multilingual chatbot to answer the most frequently asked questions in real time. This has freed up agents, and improved the HR process for candidates as well. 

As a result, the bot now handles 80% of FAQs without human help, and the satisfaction rate of the employees at Foyer has improved significantly. 

"Thanks to Sinch Chatlayer's in-depth knowledge of language issues specific to the Benelux markets, and specialized development in conversational AI technology, the partnership was a match made in chatbot heaven."

Manuel Kauffmann, IT Correspondent, Foyer

Secure, no extra training required, and easy integrations: How to get started with messaging apps 

Of course, as an insurance company, you deal with sensitive user data, your agents have to stay on top of all the data they receive, and you probably already offer several communication channels for your customers. So you want to make sure that by adding new channels, not only your customers benefit, but you also need to guarantee easy integration, a reduced workload, and a high security standard. 

That's where a professional software such as Sinch Engage comes in. Sinch Engage is a secure all-in-one platform for messenger apps and chatbots. It gets you started in no time, it requires no special IT skills, it supports CRM integrations, and you can easily add automations to save time and costs.  

With Sinch Engage, you can:

  • 🤖 … easily set up automation with an intuitive drag-and-drop chatbot builder.
  • 👨‍⚖️ … use WhatsApp  and other messaging channels for your customer communication and ensure 100% data protection. 

  • 🗞️ … start campaigns to send broadcast messages and marketing notifications. 

  • 🚀… start within a few days, no IT skills needed.

  • 💻… edit and reply to all messages from one central inbox, regardless of what channel they’re coming from. 

  • ↔ … use one central inbox to easily assign customer inquiries to your co-workers, manually or through auto-routing. 

  • ⬆️ … boost your efficiency with automated reply templates.  

  • 💰 … use WhatsApp and other messaging channels effectively, at fair price, and without a set-up fee for maximum personal digital consulting! 

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