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High request volume efficiently managed with WhatsApp & chatbot

In the tourism industry, email and call volumes are often high, especially during peak travel or booking periods. 
With the use of messengers such as WhatsApp and the support of chatbots, this can increase efficiency in consulting and customer service for hotels or tour operators.
Learn how hotel group Heimathafen Hotels uses its messaging service to reduce its email volume and a chatbot to relieve its service team.

"With WhatsApp, we manage to handle more requests every day without having to expand the team."

Christian Sroka | Head of Marketing at Heimathafen Hotels

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Challenges:  High email volume, expense of phone service

Concept and implementation:Use of WhatsApp, Telegram and Apple Messages for Business as personal consulting, service and sales channels with chatbot

Successes: 60% of inquiries taken over by chatbot, service twice as fast, significantly reduced email volume, happy customer service agents

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With Sinch Engage, more than 700 companies and over 20 million end users worldwide have already taken advantage of the benefits of WhatsApp and the like as a means of communication between companies and customers.

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