Success Story Bizbike

How Bizbike significantly optimized their customer service in costs and NPS

Bizbike is Belgium’s biggest e-bike provider. 
As a hugely popular e-bike company, they were faced with a high number of daily queries from customers who wanted to use their service. 
The problem: Bizbike’s customer service team ended up answering the same basic questions over and over again and didn’t have time to deal with more complex customer issues.
That's why Bizbike decided to implement the conversational AI chatbot by Sinch Chatlayer. 

"Since we work with our Conversational AI chatbot via Chatlayer, we raised our NPS score by 2 points."

Louis Vanhove | CEO & Co-founder Bizbike

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Challenges:  Lack of efficiency in customer support & satisficing high-quality

Concept and implementation:Conversational AI Chatbot for FAQ implemented on web channel

Successes: 40+ hours per month saved due to automation, increase in NPS score

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