Success Story Women's Best

2 times faster customer service with WhatsApp

Discover how Women’s Best established messaging apps as their main customer service channel and was able to raise response efficicency.

Exclusive insights:

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Challenges Answering a high volume of incoming messages quickly while preserving high quality service

Concept and implementationAutomated order confirmations and delivery status updates proactively inform users and make customer service more efficient

Successes 50% shorter processing time per customer inquiry and 70% fewer emails, 1-5 hour response time on average

About Sinch

Sinch AB is one of the world's leading providers of cloud-based communication solutions for businesses.

WhatsApp since 2015

Complete support

On the market since 2015, Sinch has years of experience and close relationships with WhatsApp / Meta

We offer personal support and help you achieve your individual goals.

Over 150K customers

Think Global & Act Local

Sinch has been helping businsses globally to shape the way they provide customer experience across channels.

Sinch is present in over 60 countries and has a dedicated support team for all clients.

All you need for messaging. All in one platform.  

Sinch, the Customer Communications Cloud, powers meaningful conversations at scale across messaging, voice, and e-mail to help businesses deliver unified, personalized experiences that truly revolve around their customers, no matter the channels they use — with a single partner.
Sinch Engage is your all-in-one platform to leverage WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messaging, Apple Messages for Business, Telegram, Viber and Webchat easily and professionally for marketing, sales, and customer service.
Sinch Engage is trusted by thousands of SMBs and enterprises, giving them a seamless entry into conversational messaging. Rely on our official partnerships with all relevant messaging apps, a 100% privacy compliant platform and a large global team of experts available 24/7.
Every relationship starts with a conversation.   

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