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Easily accessible education on WhatsApp with a chatbot

Not everywhere in the world education is easily accessible for people. However, messaging apps such as WhatsApp are more widespread globally and especially in countries where the education infrastructure is not yet as developed.
They offer the opportunity to reach a large target group and to use them in education without having to invest in the technological infrastructure of the students. With chatbots, the whole thing can then also be set up effectively by automating learning sequences, for example.
Learn how the NGO Digify Africa uses WhatsApp to educate professionals in the area of digitalization and social media in South Africa.

"The real Challenge on this continent is reaching the “unreachable”. WhatsApp gives us an opportunity to connect with people who don’t have a computer and don’t have internet access."

Gavin Weale | Founder and CEO Digify Africa

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Challenges:  Access to education and technical equipment for low barrier study.

Concept and implementation:Use of WhatsApp with three chatbots who trains and interacts with the users.

Successes: Hundreds of learners spend on average 1 week connecting with the chatbot, more than 100,000 Messages already sent

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