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Sinch Engage starts in India

Sinch Engage
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India can now count on a new messaging expert! Sinch Engage just launched their conversational messaging platform for SMBs with a local team in India. This is what you can expect.

Indians are leaders in conversation! The Indian Department of Education describes the country as a place of "many languages and even more voices". And even with 22 official languages, people find a way to communicate successfully, online and offline. It's therefore not surprising that in 2022, India's telecommunication market is the second largest in the world, and that the county has the most WhatsApp users globally.

From in-person chats to messaging each other on an app: conversations are not only important to communicate with family and friends in India, but also with businesses. Out of 50 million WhatsApp Business users in the world, 15 million are in India. That's why it's crucial for businesses to understand how they can leverage the power of messaging to reach their customers more successfully. And that's exactly where Sinch Engage comes in.

Sinch Engage starts in India: what to expect

Do you want to engage more with your customers through messaging? Are you ready to scale your marketing campaigns with messaging apps? Are you looking to optimize your messenger communication and reduce the workload of your team with chatbots? And do you want to achieve it without having to invest in a whole new IT infrastructure? No problem, Sinch Engage is here to help you with all of that!

Sinch Engage offers a cloud-based software suite for small and mid-sized companies that makes it easy for businesses to engage with their customers via messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messaging, Telegram and Apple Business Chat (iMessage).

The all-in-one platform is particularly well-suited for pre-sales in the form of WhatsApp marketing, broadcast messaging, and consultations.

Companies can set up Sinch Engage within 24 hours and start their messaging service including a drag-and-drop chatbot builder without coding know-how or extra costs. WhatsApp communication can be handled professionally, and other messaging apps like Instagram Direct Messaging or Telegram can be added and managed additional out of one inbox with no effort.

Sandeep Bedi, Senior Director Sales SaaS, Sinch, India

Watch Sinch Engage — All you need to know on YouTube.

Local team ready to help your business grow

As part of the Sinch AB family, a global player in cloud communications for mobile customer engagement, Sinch Engage is starting in India with a local team.

We are growing our market share in India by bringing world-class solutions that customers need to leverage for their digital communication requirements.

Nitin Singhal, Managing Director, Sinch India

Worldwide, over 800 businesses, such as BMW, Kia, Bloomberg Quint, and TUI already use Sinch Engage to engage with their customers.