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WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and more: Global usage of messaging apps and statistics

Messaging stats global
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Messaging apps have become extremely popular! The latest messaging app usage statistics show that WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide, Facebook Messenger close to one, while WeChat now counts 1.3 billion. What are the trends in individual countries? What are the most popular apps? We've put together a global overview of messaging apps usage statistics. 

How do people use messaging apps? In our guide, we've compiled user demographics and usage statistics for different countries and regions to show you the most current developments. We continuously add countries, messaging apps, and update usage statistics, so check back on a regular basis for the latest numbers!

Global overview: The most used messaging apps

WhatsApp, the Messenger by Meta (formerly Facebook Messenger), Instagram, and WeChat are by far the most popular messaging apps, according to the latest 2023 data from Datareportal. Together, they combine more than six billion active monthly users.