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How to combine customer service and messaging apps: everything you need to know

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Consumers today are exposed to a lot of brand and service options on several platforms. For businesses, this means that they are constantly looking for ways to improve the connection with their target groups, and become more innovative in their customer communication. Recent research shows: for customer service, messaging apps deliver the best results. Here's why! 

The Washington Post has called messaging app customer service “the biggest shift in customer service since the 1-800-number.” From BMW to Orion Mall to TUI: businesses across all industries use them as a main channel for customer communication and care. And they are seeing incredible resonance among consumers.

Why are messaging apps so much more successful than other customer service channels? Why do customers love them? And what are the advantages for businesses? In the following, we'll answer the most important questions around customer service and messaging apps.

Why should businesses offer customer service on messaging apps?

Businesses need to be available in their customers' favorite channels, and that's messaging apps! Messaging apps have even surpassed traditional social media channels. Currently, WhatsApp is the world's most popular social media platform.